New Year, New Me...or is it just a protocol?

As we approach Christmas again, the same questions are likely to be thrown around: where on earth did that year go? Why did I not find more time for myself? I wonder what 2017 had in store for me? The biggest open question is also at the tip of many will I lose weight in the new year? 

We all binge throughout the month of December with the Christmas holidays being the main target. Tiredness prevails and the weather gets chilly. Many of us promise to have our last treat on New Years Eve but do you really have to cut out all treats from your diet to see results? There is a "new year, new me" culture nowadays that sees gyms ram packed and lines to join the local slimming club snaking out of the door. By all means,  it takes motivation and willpower to make a change but the pressurised scenario is greatly unwelcome. If you have made a vow to change yourself in 2017 then here are some of our top tips:

1) Take one step at a time. Introduce one change a week. If you change your diet and workout 6 days a week when you're used to doing nothing, you'll become disengaged by week 4. 

2) Commit yourself to a new eating regime by planning your meals - if you know what dinner is going to be each night then the organisation will help you stay on track.

3) Try not to get lulled into misleading advertisement. You cannot get abs by doing 200 sit ups a day as abs are built in the kitchen. Just drinking slimming drinks will give you rapid weight loss but it is dull, unsustainable and will lead to excessive weight gain when food is re-introduced. 

4) Don't be afraid to have slip ups. The best athletes in the world stay in bed in the morning sometimes and models eat carbs (shocking we know!).

5) Believe you can do it. Set SMART targets that you know you can achieve and work hard to reach them. Hard work pays off and results are the evidence of motivation.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a sparkly new year! Team Flexifit