Below, you will find all of the information required regarding our exercise services.

Personal Training

£40 per hour or £350 for 10 one hour sessions. These can take place either at your home, in an outdoors environment or in the gym as all the equipment is provided. Sessions are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

*Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place. Cancellations made outside of this time bracket will be charged at the normal rate.

Exercise Classes

Our bootcamps currently take place in St John's, Woking, at The Lye on a Tuesday evening. We also have our popular Insanity Live every Thursday at Winston Churchill Sports Centre. There is a pay as you go option of £7 per class or you can buy a block of 10 for £45.

£4.50 for an exercise class? We think that’s more than reasonable!

Last but not least we have our FlexiMum bootcamps which are designed to help new mums fall in love with getting active whilst targeting areas that have changed during pregnancy. These are small group sessions in a variety of areas around Surrey and don’t worry about finding a babysitter…the buggy is a vital part of every session! Get 10 sessions for just £50.

*Please note that the block sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase and are non-refundable.

Group PT

Fancy training with friends either in a private gym or in the great outdoors? Train with Sam or Ally alongside your friends (in groups of up to 4) for that extra bit of motivation and fun. Each hour is £60 so the more of you that train, the better the value! Who doesn’t like the idea of a personal training session for just £15?

Flexifit now offer 3 different Online Personal Training services. Click the button below to discover more: